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July 1, 2012

Big Changes coming to Suffolk County. NY

It looks like Suffolk County is going to do away with the Suffolk TVB and replace it with a Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations agency. A bill to establish a Traffic and Parking Violations Agency has recently passed both the NYS Senate and NYS Assembly, and is waiting to be signed by the governor. If the governor signs the bill into law, it will mean big changes for the way most traffic tickets are prosecuted in Suffolk County. While a certain amount of tickets are returnable to the various Town, Village and Justice courts throughout Suffolk County, the majority end up at the Suffolk TVB in Hauppauge. At present, almost all tickets returnable to the Suffolk TVB must be marked for trial. There is no negotiating, nor are attorneys entitled to demand documents from the court or police unlike in other courts in Suffolk Counts.

Basically, it's a win or lose situation, with borderline speeds being reduced at trial. Once the county replaces the TVB with a traffic and parking violations agency, we will be able to negotiate reductions, and request documents from the court as we presently do in the other courts throughout Suffolk County. This is particularly important because at present I am able to get a large portion of the hand written Suffolk County speeding tickets and traffic tickets that I handle in the different town, village and justice courts throughout Suffolk County dismissed for failure of the court/ police to provide these documents in a timely manner. I will keep you
update. For additional information regarding Suffolk County Traffic Tickets, please go to SuffolkTrafficTickets.com