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New York Trucking Violations

In New York, trucking violations can be a very expensive. New York law provides very stiff fines and penalties for trucking violations compared to basic vehicle and traffic law violations. Overweight vehicles can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Also the police tend to stack the tickets writing multiple tickets for the same stop.

The ultimate resolution of the case depends on a variety of factors, including, the court the trucking tickets are returnable to, and the prosecutor assigned to the case. Some courts are more lenient than others. Some courts will vigorously prosecute them. Regardless of the court, New York State Law requires that corporations be represented by counsel. Consequently if the tickets are written to a corporation, an attorney will be required to appear on behalf of the corporation.

As a New York Traffic Lawyers, we have handled thousands of trucking tickets throughout Long Island and New York. Some of the more common trucking violations handled by the firm are overweight violations,  out of service violations, equipment violations, hazardous material transportation violations, permit and regulatory violations and general DOT violations. If you or your company have received trucking tickets it is best to retain an attorney that concentrates on trucking tickets and traffic violations. As trucking attorneys we are familiar with the nuances of each court and will try to have the tickets dismissed. There is an advantage in retaining an attorney as soon as the tickets are received. In many cases I am able to file demands with the court. By filing the demand early in the process, the police will often fail to respond by the deadline and I am able to get the trucking tickets dismissed. When unable to obtain an outright dismissal, the next option is to attempt to plea bargain the tickets to reduced charges and fines.