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Moving Violations (Non Speeding)

VTL 319.1

Operating a vehicle without insurance
Although conviction for operating a vehicle without insurance carries no points, it oes carry a driver’s license revocation of at least 1 year

 0 Points
VTL 375-3 Failure to dim headlights  2 points
 VTL 375-29(a) Improper Towing/ more than one vehicle  2 points
 VTL 375-29(c) Towing with a rope or non-rigid connection longer than 16 feet  2 points
 VTL 375-29(d) No license driver in towed vehicle  2 points
 VTL 381-1(a) Inadequate brakes (motorcycle)  4 points
 VTL 600-1a Leaving the scene of an accident with Property damage  3 Points
 VTL 600-2a Leaving the scene of an accident with Personal injury  3 points
 VTL 601 Leaving the scene with injury to animal  3 points
 VTL 1102 Fail to comply to a lawful order of a police officer / Flag person  2 points
 VTL 1110-(a) Fail to obey traffic control device  2 points
 VTL 1111-(a)1 Fail to yield right of way / green light  3 points
 VTL 1111-(a)2 Fail to yield green arrow  3 points
 VTL  1111-(d)1 Passed red light  3 points
 VTL  1111-(d)2a Failed to yield right on red  3 points
 VTL  1111-(d)2b Failed to yield left on red  3 points
 VTL  1111-(d)3 Passed red arrow  3 points
 VTL 1113-(a) Passed flashing red signal  3 points
 VTL 1116-d Traveling in lane in violation of Red X signal  3 points
 VTL  1117 Failing to stop at an out of service or malfunctioning traffic control device  3 points
 VTL 1120-(a) Failed to keep right  3 points
 VTL 1120-(b) Failed to keep right- Slow moving vehicle  2 points
 VTL 1120-(c) Failed to keep right - 4 or more lanes of traffic  3 points
 VTL 1121 Failed to yield one half of roadway  3 points
 VTL 1122-(a) Failure to allow room to passed vehicle  3 points
 VTL 1122-(b) Failure to give way to the right  3 points
 VTL 1122-a Overtaking a bicycle   3 points
 VTL 1123-(b) Left pavement to pass on right  3 points
 VTL 1124 Unsafe passing  3 points
 VTL 1125-(a)1 Drove to left on hillcrest or curve  3 points
 VTL 1125-(a)2 Drove to the left on railway crossing  3 points
 VTL 1126-(a) Drove to the left of pavement markings - no passing zone  3 points
 VTL 1127-(a) Drove wrong way on a one way street  3 points
 VTL 1127-(b) Drove wrong way – traffic island  3 points
 VTL 1128-(a) Moved from lane unsafely  3 points
 VTL 1128-(b) Driving in Center Lane  3 points 
 VTL 1128-(c) Failed to use designated lane  3 points
 VTL 1128-(d) Drove across hazard markings  3 points
 VTL 1129-(a) Following too close  4 points
 VTL 1129-(b) Failed to leave sufficient space between vehicles - combination of vehicles  4 points
 VTL 1129-(c) Failed to leave sufficient space between vehicles motorcades and caravans  4 points
 VTL  1130-(1) Driving over, across, along or within shoulder or slope of controlled-access highway  2 points
 VTL  1130-(2) Improper entrance or exit from controlled access highway  2 points
 VTL  1131 Driving on shoulders and slopes  2 points
 VTL  1140-(a) Failed to yield right of way approaching intersection  3 points
 VTL  1140-(b) Failed to yield right of way in intersection  3 points
 VTL 1141 Failed to yield right of way – left turn  3 points
 VTL  1142-(a) Failed to yield right of way – stop sign  3 points
 VTL  1141-(b) Failed to yield right of way yield sign  3 points 
 VTL  1143 Failed to yield right of way entering roadway  3 points  
 VTL  1144-(a) Failed to yield right of way emergency vehicle  3 points   
 VTL  1144-(b) Failure of emergency vehicle operator to use reasonable care  3 points   
 VTL  1144-a Failure to move over for an emergency vehicle  2 points    
 VTL  1145 Failed to yield at traffic circle  3 points    
 VTL  1146-(a) Failed to use due care for bike, pedestrian or animal  2 points    
 VTL  1146-(b) Causes physical injury by failing to use due care  2 points
 VTL  1146-(c) Causes serious physical injury by failing to use due care  2 points
 VTL 1146-(a) Approaching horses  2 points
 VTL 1151-(a) Failing to yield right of way to pedestrian  3 points
 VTL 1151-(c) Passing a stopped vehicle at a crosswalk or intersection  3 points
 VTL 1151-(a) Failing to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk  3 points 
 VTL 1153 Failed to yield right of way to a blind person  3 points 
 VTL 1160-(a) Improper turn signal  2 points 
 VTL 1160-(b) Improper left turn signal  2 points 
 VTL 1160-(c) Improper left turn  2 points 
 VTL 1160-(d) Failed to turn as required  2 points  
 VTL 1160-(e) Improper u-turn  2 points  
 VTL  1161 U-turn at grade/ curve  2 points  
 VTL 1162 Unsafe start  2 points  
 VTL 1163-(a) Improper or unsafe turn/ without signal  2 points  
 VTL 1163-(c) Failing to signal stopping/ decreasing speed  2 points
 VTL 1163-(d) Improper/ no signal  2 points
 VTL 1163-(e) Improper/ failed to use four way flasher  2 points
 VTL 1164-(a) No signal lamps  2 points
 VTL 1164-(b) Failed to use signal lamps  2 points
 VTL 1166-(a) Improper right turn from roadway to alley / driveway, etc.  2 points
 VTL 1166-(b) Improper left turn from roadway to alley / driveway, etc.  2 points
 VTL 1166-(c) Improper left turn (one way roadway)  2 points
 VTL  1170-(a) Failed to stop at railroad crossing  3 points
 VTL  1170-(b) Drove through / around / under railroad barrier  3 points
 VTL  1170-(c) Drove through/ around/under railroad barrier while carrying passengers under 18 years old (Note this charge is a Misdemeanor)  3 points
 VTL 1170-(c)2 Drove through / around/under railroad barrier which points  causes physical injury (Note- this charge is a Felony)  0 points
 VTL 1171-(a) Failed to stop at Railroad crossing  3 points
 VTL 1172-(a) Failed to stop for a stop sign  3 points 
 VTL 1172-(b) Failed to stop for a yield sign (when required to stop)  3 points
 VTL 1173 Failed to stop emerging from alley/ driveway  2 points
 VTL 1172-(a) Failed to stop for a school bus  5 points
 VTL 1172-(b) Failed to keep school bus halted / lighted  2 points
 VTL 1175 Obstructed traffic at intersection  2 points
 VTL 1176 Obstructed highway/ railroad crossing  3 points
 VTL  1211-(a) Unsafe backing  2 points
 VTL  1211-b Backing on controlled access highway  2 points
 VTL  1211-c Driver of frozen food truck backing to, or attempting to make a sale  2 points
 VTL 1212 Reckless Driving  5 points
 VTL 1213-a Driver’s view / control obstructed / more than 3 in front seat  2 points
 VTL 1215 Failed to keep right / mountain highway  2 points
 VTL 1216 Coasting on downgrade / neutral  2 points
 VTL 1217 Following fire apparatus too closely ( 200 feet)  4 points
 VTL 1217 Drove into (or parked) within block where fire apparatus stopped  2 points 
 VTL  1218 Crossed fire hose  2 points 
 VTL  1220-c Working on state highway without a permit  2 points 
 VTL 1221 Drove through/ within safety zone  2 points
 VTL  1225 Avoiding a traffic control device / intersection  2 points
 VTL 1225-(a) Driving on sidewalk  2 points
 VTL 1225-(c) Cell phone violation  3 points
 VTL 1226 No hands on the wheel or steering device  2 points
 VTL 1229-(c)1 No child restraint Seat, Back seat child under 4 yrs  3 points
 VTL 1229-(c)1 No child restraint system  Back seat child 4yrs -7 yrs  3 points
 VTL 1229-(c)1 No seat belt Back seat child 7yrs to 15 years  3 points
 VTL 1229-(c)2 No seat belt front seat age 7yrs to 15 yrs  3 points
 VTL 1229-(c)2 No child restraint seat Front seat child under 4 yrs  3 points
 VTL 1229-(c)2 No child restraint seat Front seat age 4 yrs to 7 years  3 points
 VTL 1229-(c)3 No seat belt driver (there are no points for this, but a conviction for no 1229.C3 will show on your driving abstract)  0 points

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