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Speeding Violations

The following are the number of points that correspond to each speeding conviction:

1 to 10 mph over limit 3 points
11 to 20 mph over limit 4 points
21 to 30 mph over limit 6 points
31 to 40 mph over limit 8 points
over 40 mph over limit 11 point
VTL 1180-(a)  Speed not reasonable and prudent. 3 points
VTL 1180-A is a catch all speeding provision. It is not based on a specific speed per se, but rather alleges that the speed was to fast under the circumstances. An example would be traveling 50 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone during a snow storm. Even though you may have been traveling under the speed limit, the officer may cite you for an 1180.A alleging that the speed was unreasonable under the circumstances.
 VTL 1180-(b) Speeding over 55 mph speed limit Points determined by speed
 VTL 1180-(c) Speed in a school zone Points determined by speed
 VTL 1180-(d) Speed over the speed limit
(other than 55 mph speed zones) 
Points determined by speed
 VTL 1180-(e) Failing to reduce speed
involving a special hazard
Points determined by speed
 VTL 1180-(f) Speed in a construction Zone Points determined by speed
 VTL 1180-(g) Speeding using a radar detector
in vehicles weighing greater than 18,000 Lbs. 
Points determined by speed
 VTL 1181-(a) Driving too slowly (impeding traffic)  3 Points
 VTL 1181-(b) Driving below minimum speed limit 3 Points
 VTL 1182-(1) Unauthorized speed contest
(a misdemeanor charge) 
0 Points

Speeding Ticket Convictions can lead to an additional NYS DMV Driver Assessment fee

In addition to the points, fines, surcharges and insurance increases that result from a speeding ticket conviction, the NYS DMV will also assess a driver assessment fee of $300 for those who receive 6 points on their license within an 18 month period (total of $300 payable over 3 years) and an additional $25 per point to be paid for 3 years for each point thereafter.

This will appear as a separate bill from the DMV, and would apply to anyone who pleads guilty to a 6 point speeding ticket, or to anyone who accumulates a total of 6 points or more within an 18 month period.

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